Lately I've watched a number of relationships disintegrate, people I didn't really know and some I did and just today someone very close to me (whom I shall not name for their privacy) ended a very long relationship. So it's got me thinking and I'm just gonna dribble on some here and get some thoughts down.

I've had my fair share of breakups including two 10 year long relationships. It hurts when they end, painful painful hurt. I'm pretty damn sure that I don't want to feel that pain again, I definitely do NOT want to feel the pain I felt with the most recent long term break up. But it comes with the territory right? Us humans need partners, both sexually and for companionship, so the physical and the mental. Or do we? I've been single for 7 years now but in that time there's been a few short term connections and for various reasons they haven't worked out. But I miss having a partner from time to time and not just for the sexy time, there's just a pile of things in life that you do that you really should share/experience with somebody else.

I guess my question is, are we supposed to mate for life? Our parents or at least our grand parents did. What changed? Is it that we're too selfish these days and we put ourselves first more often or is that we've managed to become more self sufficient and we don't need the good woman or good man to stand by our side as we trek through the perilous journey called life.

We need to produce offspring to survive as a species, but more and more people choose not to have children or like in my case circumstances just never allowed it. I guess I still have plenty of time to do that but then I require a partner that I feel is good enough to raise my children (there's that selfishness again yeah?). Hey, maybe tomorrow I will meet the one who makes my everything great and loves my tastes in music and movies....whoa look out, but then again do you really want to feel that pain again....one day? Yeah you probably do because it comes with the territory.

Aint love grand ;)

Christ, when did I become Carrie Bradshaw?!?


Waz said…
I am so buying you a pair of Manolo Blahnik Something Blue Satin Pumps now
Stu said…
Blue???? Chartreuse or stay home girlfriend
tiff said…
Whoa, Perth's own Carrie Bradshaw! Are you looking out your apartment window while typing it in your undies? (You'll get it if you watch enough episodes).
Stu said…
Oh I've watched enough to get it lol (it's my secret shame)
stella said…
Hhahah love this!!
"So it's got me thinking..."
It's even a Carrie-ish line :)

I had a similar convo with my friends here, and most of us agreed with that old saying "Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." Heartbreak is painful, but I think you have to jump right in with a relationship and not fear that.

I don't know if it's selfish to want someone good enough to raise your children. But I wonder if it's more a case of perfection and seeking someone that ticks all the boxes on "perfect mate" material. Not saying that we shouldn't be picky, but does our perfect mate actually exist?

There's my ramble.
Stu said…
"but does our perfect mate actually exist" hahaha I see you're channelling Carrie as well