You're leaving me. I blame myself, I should have sampled you more often, I should have said no to the Turkish delights and chosen you instead. It's not that I didn't like you, I just didn't really love you. You were the bar I turned to when I needed change, a reminder of days gone by. But there just were better marshmallows out there and your biscuity crust always had a hint of staleness about it. It wasn't your fault, your recipe was from a different era, you couldn't compete with the modern mellows or the new crispier biscuits, they just left you alone to do your thing.

But now it's all over, now you trundle off to join my old friends the Yogi Bar ("start at the knees please") and the Donald Duck sherbet bags, say hello to the Patches ice cream for me as well ("Patches on ya elbows, Patches on ya knees") wont you. Oh I know they'll fill your place on the shelves Polly Waffle, probably with some sort of light fluffy imitation Mars Bar type log but it just wont be the same without your 1970's purple wrapper lying there in between the Kit Kat and the Crunchie.

I guess I take some solace in the fact that they never attempted to make you into a shitty ice cream bar. At least they allowed you your dignity till the end.

adiós viejo amigo


Waz said…
I hated these things Stu yet you have moved me with this eulogy.
Kwality said…
Mmmmm (crunch) Ahhhh
Ranx said…
I didn't even know it was still around? I'd heard it was dead ages ago. Or am I thinking of Snake Pliskin?
Stu said…
Waz: yeah like I said, I liked em, just didn't love em, but I will miss em

Kwality: :)

Ranx: yeah man still around but not for much longer, buy a box quick ;)
tiff said…
What! I just discovered it and now they take it away from me :(
Stu said…
I am seriously craving one right now and I'm at least 300km from a shop that would sell one lol