Please, no more ham, no more turkey, no more prawns and crayfish...well maybe just a little more cray. Day 4 of this endless feast has finally ended. One final invite today to a friends house to eat the last of the ham and drink the last of the beers. At least 2 kilo's added to my girth, new exercise regime starts tomorrow, iPod is charging as I write this.

I thought I might give my new tripod a run tonight, so on the way home I dropped into the South Perth foreshore which I stupidly thought would be clear of people, forgetting entirely that today was a public holiday. I snapped off a couple of shots of the Perth skyline and they'll do for starters. I think I need to tweak the camera settings a bit and find a better angle to shoot from and a spot with less people. Maybe next time.

Larger versions with heaps better detail over at YeLPanorama




Anonymous said…
Would monsieur,like a wafer-thin mint.