I'm fortunate to live near one of the best parks in my city, Hyde Park. I walked through it today on my way into Northbridge to catch a movie with Macca. I have to say that what I saw was pretty ordinary, the park that is not the film, the film was great. I know there is a plan in the wings to save the lakes at Hyde Park but from what I've heard of this it sounds awful, poor and ill advised. Hopefully the new councillors recently elected can expedite a better plan and expedite it soon. I love my park and I hate seeing it like this....

Edit: I've just re read this blog and I don't think the above words really express my anger at the state of this place. It extremely fucking pisses me off to see this beautiful sanctuary in the middle of my town fall into such a shitty state year after fucking year. The time to fix this is NOW. Yes that's how I actually feel about this, right then, I'll be off, carry on.



There used to be a sign in this frame that showed all the different types of water birds that nested in these lakes. I guess there's no need for one now, just put up a picture of a sick duck.

lake sign

Amounts of over $100,000 have been mentioned as to construction costs of this new stage in Hyde Park, perhaps money better spent on the dying and diseased lakes.

hyde park stage 2

At least my fav tree in the park has exploded into red again, always a good sign that christmas is coming.

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