Extremely hot today, peaked at 42.7C and I felt it. An outside thermometer showed the true in full sun heat at 52C so you get the idea. Drove home along the beach this afternoon and noticed an old icon of my early surfing days, the Leighton Beach Kiosk. Many a hot meat pie and an icy cold choc milk have been devoured here after a few hours amongst the waves. Yeah you do so get a surfable break at times. I still have the scar on my right cheek where my board smashed into me once just a few metres west of that kiosk and sent me on my way to collect 5 stitches It wasn't open this afternoon but I'm guessing it just does weekend trade these days.

leighton beach kiosk

A little further down the coast towards Cottesloe and I looked out to see this rigger under sail. That would be a nice place to be this afternoon, diving off it for a swim. I'm pretty sure the pack of 17 hammerheads they spotted this morning have moved on by now.