Organised a dinner tonight with Nige and Adz, we fancied a bit of Japanese so we booked into Hanami in Mt Lawley, good food at Hanami, not that we got any tonight though. I was about to head up there when Adz rang me

Adz "Dude you sure you booked?"

Me "Yeah man definitely"

A "They don't have it, but they do have a booking for Dewart at 7pm"

M "Haha that'll be me man, they probably just didn't quite understand Stuart when I said my name"

A "Righto see ya in a bit"

Moments later I get a text message from Adz

"Nope, the Dewarts showed to find me at their table, seriously. I'm now sitting at a table in the car park"
Nige and I arrived minutes later and we all decided that we weren't dining in a car park, we'd head down to Cantina 663, It's always good there. Italian and not Japanese but we still had a great meal. I couldn't stop laughing at there actually being a Dewart party though hahaha what are the odds?

cantina 663

cantina 663 and nige

365 Days | Day 69

Cantina 663