Last night was another last minute call up from friends for dinner and surprisingly 5 of us were available so we hit a nice new Thai restaurant in Northbridge. This little place is so good and so cheap that I had to promise everyone there last night not to name it on my blog for fear of them not being able to get a seat in the future (I never knew my blog held such power). It's quite small and almost always full now anyway so I don't think I'm being mean to the restaurant by not spreading the love. Besides, if you know me then ask in person and I'll share. Such good food and so stupidly under priced you can forgive the haphazard service. We had a ball. Oh and be prepared to drink your wine out of small water glasses, they don't stock wine glasses, but who really cares it's all part of the fun.

One other thing they lack is a toilet. I'm not sure how they ever got approval to run an eating house without separate boy girl rooms but they do have a staff one if you really "needed" it somewhere out back down the lane way a few blocks away....good luck with that.

no toilet

PS: If you know the place already please help me keep my promise by not adding it in the comments


The Desp said…
As a local, I think you should provide me with details. I can't work it out from that door photo!

You know where to spill the beans and the bloggo-sphere won't see ;-)
Stu said…
hahaha the locals are the very ones we wish to shield from it,

I'll drop you note over there later today mate
The Desp said…
This place! Had dinner there on Saturday and it was delicious! I'll struggle not to tell anyone about it.

you'll be happy to know they have wine glasses now.
Stu said…
Haha good man