I've been getting quite a few hits on YeLPar by people searching for this years beer festival. Google is still sending them my way following my review of last years debacle. This years was held over the weekend just gone and I had fully intended on going again this year for a comparison but circumstances put paid to that and I didn't make it. I've just done a quick scan of blogs on the web and it seems very few have actually bothered to blog about it, but there are a couple so far.

angel beer sml

The Beer Judges over at The Alcohol Advisory blog had been fairly active on the issue throughout the year and you can update yourself on all of that here. The Beer Judges made it along and they've reviewed it here. It seems it was a vast improvement on last year with just a few bugs to iron out. The pricing being one of them....

"I settled in for a long day with my mates, and was being charged $8 and $9 for a 400mL plastic cup. Some of the Belgian beers were selling at $16 to $18 for the same size. They also had tasting cups which looked like being about 60mL for $1 to $3, and 200mL cups for between $4 and $5, with exception of the more exotic Belgian beers."

That's a bit rich in my opinion and in the words of my mates that did go along....

"....yeah no lines, we walked straight in, beer was cold and they had some nice ones but it was overpriced. Was a good day but prob wouldn't go again. Could do your own pub crawl through the city much cheaper...."

The crew over at Mr & Mrs Hines Adventure went along and they gave it an okay review. The highlight of their post though is the video they've uploaded of the swing ride - why they have rides at a beer festival is still beyond me, I mean what could go wrong right? - well watch the vid right to the end and see for yourself, hilarious.

All up it doesn't look like I missed much and to be honest I'm kinda tainted by last years which took the shine off it for me, it needed to open with a positive impact last year to carry it through to the following years. I'd be very curious to see if they got the 10,000 peeps they had been expecting.


Gregoryno6 said…
After reading your review of last year's fiasco, I was surprised they had the balls to do it all again so soon.
Stu said…
They'd said at the outset last year that they would do it again and learn from their mistakes, it would appear this may have happened in some areas. I wonder what the crowd numbers where though