"I know I know, it's all blue in there, freaky huh?!"


Following on from dinner I suggested coffees and seeing as I don't actually drink coffee I was more than happy with Gaz's suggestion to head up William st to Icey Ice. I'd been past this place heaps of times but never gone in. I wasn't exactly sure what they sold at Icey Ice except for something icey. Turns out it's a kind of shaved and fluffed ice which they cover with toppings and bits of your choice.

icey ice

icey ice 2

I chose the chockey ice because as much as I dislike coffee I love chocolate more. Now I'm not really sure how to describe this except to say that I kind of felt like I was eating ice cream and yet I knew it was ice. Did I love it? Hmmmm no, but I didn't dislike it either, it was fun. Would I do it again? Yeah possibly, although I'm sure it's psychological, all along I couldn't help but think I was paying to eat snow, chocolate coated, 100's and thousands, flake and wafer coated snow but snow nonetheless. Definitely an experience.

my icey ice

Two headed monster will rule the world, once he pulls that pole out of his butt, learns how to walk and to get out of Icey Ice



The Desp. said…
haha - an excellent description of Icey Ice. We did the same thing once, but did it on the cheap cheap because we had a two for one voucher

Curiosity has been sated, not too sure I'll go back. The place is usually pretty full too!
Stu said…
yeah it filled up after we arrived, well the crowds do tend to follow us ;)
Stella said…
Ha! Wow. I have to admit, I'm surprised it's still open! I was around when they opened their doors and didn't think it'd last!
Stu said…
i would have thought the same, "you want me to buy ice?"
I challenge anyone to describe this stuff without using at least five adjectives and the words "like" and "kinda" and waving your hands around vaguely.
Stu said…
hahaha can't be done
Garry D said…
I'm looking forward to trying one of their crepes next time... followed by more ice.


PS: I'm blushing a little at having to type these particular random letters that have appeared on the comment verification tool... good thing I'm over 18...