I wont even bother with the spelling of the word photo because there's a bigger issue here. I'm cruising down Walcott st this morning when I notice this banner hanging on the verandah of a house. At first I figured I'd just read it wrong, but just to be sure I looped the block and came back for another look. Yep I was right the first time. Fetal Fotos.


Hmmmmm okay, now I may be treading on precious territory here, the newborn brigade and all, but I have to ask it. Do we really need this service, do people really want a photo of their child as a fetus? I understand getting that ultrasound pic for the first time showing you your newly created next addition to the family is extremely exciting but we're not talking about that are we? This is a step beyond, we're talking about package deals of glossy photos and a 50 pic DVD. Obviously for when you have guests over for dinner, you bung the old fetus DVD on the TV for everyone to watch between courses.


It kind of brings a new meaning to that old expression "and here's a picture of me as a baby" now it's "and here's a picture of me as a fetus" yeah maybe there's a market for this, I'm not convinced, way too much ewwww factor for me. What's next, photos of the exact moment of conception. Hahaha most guys would love their partners to let them photograph that! "But honey, it's so we can show the kids when they get older"

Am I wrong here, am I just being old fashioned and maybe prudish? What do you think, tasteful, untasteful, too new age, waste of money, great investment? I'm a guy so I don't understand? You tell me.


Kirsty said…
I had it done with both of the midgets.

To be honest, before I did it I was actually quite repulsed by the idea. I didn't see the need for the extra scan or why there was this need to have photos and videos of the baby pre-cooked, other than the ones done for dating (not in a boy meets girl way, but figuring out the due date) or checking on the health.

However, I had pre-natal depression with Midget #1 and felt absolutely no connection to this basketball that appeared attached to me. I had mental health intervention - not quite to the Britney Spears level, but still - and although I was crying less, it wasn't helping me with the whole "There's a Baby Inside you, Woman!" thing. So my midwife suggested that I go for one of these "4D" scans.

I was dubious. I was terrified. I wasn't sure that the experience wouldn't just set me back even further if I were to recoil in horror at the sight of the parasite in my uterus.

The moment I saw him on the screen my pregnancy changed. Unfortunately for Lee, there was only 12 (or so we thought..more like 14) weeks left. But to see him chewing, smiling, playing with his absolutely huge Hobbit like feet did more for me than my weekly sessions with the therapist or practicing my Relaxation techniques.

So when I got pregnant again and spent the first few months so in shock that I was going through this again so soon, we made the decision to go again. I wasn't so 'crazy' the second time, but I was terrified and wasn't feeling the 'proper' mother-to-be emotions.

Once again, the moment I saw her on the screen it all changed. It was so much different than just seeing an outline and some bones. She became real to me. Sure, I was still terrified by the thought of TWO MIDGETS running my life ragged, but Oh My god Look At Those Squishy Cheeks and HUGE feet.

And yes, I played those DVDs for everyone at work and they watched it over and over and over again. It is something unbelievable to watch.

For me it also helped my family who were an ocean apart feel a huge part of the pregnancy since they'd seen me at the early Oh She's Gained A Bit Of Weight And Is Looking A Bit Off Colour stage but not again until they could actually hold the hobbit feet in their hands.

It is totally a personal choice thing and to be fair, the place I went to was amazing. It was not like the places I've seen in Toronto in sterile units in a strip plaza.

And yeah, I think I've said enough. I totally understand what you think of it, because I thought the same thing until I 'needed' it.
Stu said…
Awesome response Kirsty. I hadn't thought of it being used for such a purpose. I was focused on the whole fetal photo as atrophy thing. You've put a whole new perspective on it.

I still wouldn't do it though hehehe ;)
Gregoryno6 said…
Bugger. Kirsty's comment is going to make me sound like a real heartless bastard when I say:
I think the word missing from that list is 'grotesque'.
Stu said…
yep, Kirsty's really brought another level to the discussion lol
Anonymous said…
I understand that some people might find it funny or weird but as Kirsty said, there are quite a few instances where it can be a good thing. My sister was recently pregnant, and at the 6 month mark they found out it had down's syndrome and then on her due date (which happened to be Christmas) she was told they couldnt find a heart beat. Once she gave birth they held the baby and had photos but only for a couple of hours. I know she treasures the photos she had of her baby while it was still alive and inside of her.
Stu said…
yeah I'm kinda glad I wrote this post now as I'm learning more and more that it's a good thing for some people