My brother Justin has landed in the United States, he's there for a work related golf thing - golf being his work, gets to see Tiger Woods make his return in The Masters and basically have some fun while he's there. So tonight he's arrived in LA and headed to his hotel in Hollywood. You know Hollywood right? Boulevard of dreams and all that?


His hotel is the old and very cool Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard, I've been there and it's probably one of the last old Hollywood places still around. For me the rest of Hollywood is a big disappointment and basically a shit hole, but that's another story. My bro sent me through a series of emails tonight, it's been a sudden and harsh welcome to the States for him....

J text message this morning: Hotel Roosevelt is awesome mate, you'd love it

J: Its 2.51am here in LA and I’ve been woken by a guy and a gal having a massive blue which went for 15 mins. The Next thing I hear whack, whack, whack and she's screaming "stop hitting me". It was all coming from the vent so when you walked outside your room heard nothing. I had no fucking idea where it was happening.

Next thing she starts to screaming like he’s killing her and shouting "someone help me please someone help me". Fuck I was hopeless and its was just horrific. They got the guy and the girl is safe but man the last 24 hours have been one hell of a ride.

So anyway as you can tell I’m awake. fully wired now.

Me: yep, welcome to America bro and especially Hollywood. It's far from a city of dreams, more a cesspit of broken dreams, ugly ugly town. But you're right the Roosevelt is a nice looking hotel ;) glad you didnt get involved man, just call those in charge and let them sort it out, people carry guns over there, remember that

J: What make matters worse, I was having a good sleep and now after 1 hour , talking to cops and security staff and giving my side of the story from the vent I am fully awake and now cant sleep.

Me: I gotta blog this, it's such an awesome welcome to America story

J: Ha, go for it

This whole thing got me thinking about that Stevie Wonder song about a small town boy arriving in New York. Pay particular attention to the dialogue at 4.14. Stay safe bro and have fun.


Stella said…
Um... wow.
That's all I can say.