Found these two comparative pics a while back, the colour shot is from 2008 and a black and white one from 1948. It really shows how much the city has changed in the past few decades. Be it the Freeway system, the reclaiming of foreshore land (bottom left) or the hideous structures that now inhabit the rivers edge.

Depending on your screen resolution these pics may be too big for you to see all of them, if that's the case then just click the pic to go to the full size version. Interesting to see what look like warships at the Barrack St Jetty (see close up pic), have to be patrol boats or something as I doubt the river is deep enough for anything else.

Perth City 2008

Perth 2008

Perth City 1948

Perth 1948

Close up Barrack St Jetty 1948

Perth 1948

Close up of Central Train Station 1948

Perth 1948


Gregoryno6 said…
The Barrack/Stirling Streets intersection has changed a lot since 1948.
I saw an aerial view of West Perth somewhere, taken in 1970. Unrecognisable today, it was still a residential area back then. All those fine old houses gone.
Stu said…
oh it's almost criminal what has happened to West Perth :(
Anonymous said…
nothing much has changed there, except for the Boans sign on Boans and the Chevrolet sign on top of Chevrolet