Post dinner wanderings along William st in Northbridge tonight and we passed a massage shop (the legit kind). Closer inspection of the bill of fare suggest there may be more on offer than advertised. I’m fairly certain you’re not allowed to advertise this sort of massage in your shop window. Is that bulge against her rear end suggesting there is more on offer inside for the discerning lady. No mention on the price list at least, Head (corrrrr) - Neck - Shoulder - Back - Arm - Anal?




stella said…
HAHA! Lovely. Please tell me you went in and inquired about their services?
Stu said…
hehehe nah, but we scored a heap of giggles from the clients inside watching us laugh and photograph the sign
The Desp. said…
You are following me around, aren't you. I did the double-take on this one night after walking past it daily for about 6 months! Hilarious.

I'm pretty sure I TWOPed this a while ago, but it didn't make the cut.
Stu said…
haha people outside of Perth probably don't realise how few streets we have ;)

I TWOped it last night, we'll see if it make sit. Often he gets so much stuf fhe loses track of it all only to surface months later
Gregoryno6 said…
Pic outside the Amcal chemist in Beaufort St, behind the Civic, shows a young lady who may be squealing with pleasure, or pain. And a young man standing very close behind her. Grinning.
I think he forgot the lube..
Stu said…
hahaha what do these "graphic designers" think when they draw these?