Until I leave again, but leaving is a whole different feeling. I've just spent the past week in the Eastern Ranges (Part of the Hamersley Ranges) recording some cool sites and excavating a cave/ rock shelter. Not the best cave I've ever excavated but they're always pretty good fun (bad food and beige aside - see below). Now I have four whole days off before I head back. My biggest worry in that time will be whether or not to wash the butter off of the knife I used yesterday to butter my toast, I mean, the butter's still good right? No need to waste it yeah?

I love auto stitch
you may have to click on pic and then on all sizes tab to get full effect

Eastern Ranges

I never ever, well mostly never, see jet streams behind jets over head of Perth, we get heaps of em up north


actual flying home footage

flying home


tiff said…
I spot a plane wing!
Stu said…
hahaha gotta get the wing !!