I often look at the human race and think how shit house we really are, we do so much wrong to each other and to our planet. Then occasionally I see something that makes me think there's hope for us yet. I was bored tonight, the bazillions of web pages on the Internet failed to amuse me and then I thought "what about watching the space shuttle Atlantis dock at the ISS. " As you do. I mean, this is 2010 and I can watch it from my own computer, so why not do it.


Seems it's a very slow process, I started watching 3 hours ago and it was no where near ready to dock, so I came back every now and then and a few hours later BAM! she docks. The fact that firstly we can send machines like this into space filled with humans is incredible, that I can simply turn on my PC and watch it unfold live is amazing. So why can't we be amazing and incredible ALL of the time?

If you click here you can see live footage of the shuttle docked at the ISS, if you hurry.