You never know what you might see. I was out scouring Money st this afternoon looking for some street art pieces I'd been told about and I happened to glance skyward. At first I thought it was a bicycle and then I realised what it actually was....

look up

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The whole house had a bit of a dark feel to it, wealthy goths maybe? This over the front door....



Anonymous said…
As I understand this story (and I have it secondhand), the women or lives (or lived) in this house was a colourful type and was diagnosed with some form of cancer some years back.

The skeleton (and pirate flag, which you can just make out -- it hasn't aged well) are (were) her way at laughing at death.

It's been up there for at least the past five years.

Stunning house though.
Stu said…
oh wow, thanks for the info, yeah didn't notice that was a pirate flag. At first I figured it was a leftover from Halloween or something.

Hoping she beat the big C