GOOD TO BE BACK HOME a town where there is more food than plate sized T Bone steaks topped with fried eggs (The Truckers Special) and Hamburgers done 10 different ways on offer. This has been my culinary option for the past week as I had to camp at the Auski Roadhouse. The rooms where fine but the food, oh god you should have seen the fruit and vegetables I bought at the shops on the way home from the airport last night. Detox starts NOW!!

Breakfast at Auski, such a pleasant way to start the day, thankfully they also had cereal and toast because this was inedible....

mmmm crusty wrinkled and dried out fried eggs

fried eggs

mmmm crusty wrinkled and dried out baked beans


mmmm crusty wrinkled and dried out scrambled eggs


So I tried one of the burgers on day 1 and I asked for cheese as an extra, I got 4 slices of kraft singles whacked in there. Had to laugh at that one, I wasn't laughing by the 6th day.

Auski burger

I'm thinking I wont write a review of this for urbanspoon


Kirsty said…
I have been less disgusted by things I've seen on :(

Though I am impressed with how perfectly they lined up those Kraft singles!
Stu said…
True it was not the fattiness of the food in as much as the dried out crustiness of it all and clearly this cook had taken cheese slice 101 at cooking college. A true artisan
That really is quite frightening, those eggs make me feel physically sick!
Stu said…
I watched somebody walk up and put them on their plate about 5 minutes after I took the pic. I guess some people are easily pleased eck!
Gregoryno6 said…
Canteen food: one of the few constants in the known universe.
Designed to fill a hole in your stomach. Forget about nutrition!
Stu said…
and flavour and texture and ....
Gregoryno6 said…
... and all of those things that make eating a pleasure, rather than just a function of existence. Hell, looking at those eggs and beans, it's like I'm back in 1981 and lining up in the canteen at the Mount Isa mine. Sure brings back memories!