This post is all about my dad. I never really knew my dad all that well as he died when I was 12, but every now and then I find some info about him and it's a very very cool feeling. This morning I scored big time, I found a copy of his team photo from when he represented Western Australia in the 1951 Australian State Schools National Football Carnival or State Schoolboys as it's called now. I'm feeling pretty awesome at the mo as I've been searching for this for ages. I also found a bunch of other stuff to go with the pic....

The next 4 pics I've had for sometime....

Dad age 15 in his backyard wearing his state jumper etc


my nan and pop looking suitably proud

nan and pop

dad in his state blazer flanked by his 3 sisters

dad and 3 of his sisters

heading out on tour to Melbourne in August 1951

on tour

what follows is the cool stuff I found this morning

The team photo I had been trying to find for some years now, dad is far right 2nd row


"up, up and away with TAA the friendly friendly way"
dad is 5th from right 2nd row

Trans Australia Airlines

1951 Record

1951 programme

1951 score sheet

dad wore the number 9 jumper

1Players Numbers

The below form isn't my dads but for another player, dad's parents would have received one though. As you read down note....(5) suitable laxatives...??? the what now

Parental form

side notes: Western Australia finished runners up this year after having won it in 1950: My dad went on to play for Claremont for a number of seasons in the WAFL


Ranx said…
mate, some auspicious company there!
Stu said…
Really? I'm not totally up to speeed with West Aussie rules greats other than Polly Farmer and Barry Cable ;)

I did note the J Dwyer but it's Jim Dwyer not Jack. I'm guessing you've spotted a few other gooduns in the mix?

oh and B. Shepherd rings a bell, he was fairest and best in the 50 final and runner up in this the 51 final
Ranx said…
Les Mumme , the bloke in front of your Dad, is a WANFL AND Claremont legend, and if i'm not mistaken the bloke at the other end of his row is a very young John Todd.
Stu said…
shit it is too, well spotted