Apologies to all ACDC fans

Just a quick review of a nice new noodle house you should check out in William st called simply the Big Bowl Noodle House. It's your stock standard beige fit out, cold atmosphere, Asian eatery of which there are lots in Northbridge. Not sounding all that good huh, well there's something that makes this place stand out from all the's fresh noodles. Made on the premises using those 3 big machines with the flour tubs on top of them in the pic below.

Big Bowl Noodle House

We chose a couple of grilled chicken noodle soups and a stir fried noodle dish with dried beef. The soup was fine once you added a few spicy condiments and the chicken freshly grilled but the big winner is the fresh noodles. They make such an awesome change from the standard dried packet versions. You chose the type of noodle you want when you place your order at the counter. It's all very simple and a great spot for a quick meal. I imagine lunch is packed in here. Oh and make sure you don't turn up after or around 8.30pm cos that's when they close....hey it's Perth, what were you expecting? We can't all be like Melbourne with their fancy smancy 9.30pm closes....sigh.

Grilled Chicken Soup

Big Bowl

The highs: The fresh noodles

The lows: 8.30pm "get out"

7 reusable plastic chopsticks out of 10

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Waz said…
Yum!~ looks good Stu - will head there when we get back with you
Stu said…
not before we do Nine though