So I'm quietly cruising the Great Northern Highway last Thursday, on my way to Port Hedland and a big jet that would fly me south and home. Suddenly a car comes speeding towards me flashing its headlights. I check that I don't have my hi-beam on, nup, so I check my speed in case it's the cops ahead. Yep even in the middle of nowhere they'll set up a speed trap. It wasn't, but I was met with this....

All cars and trucks were being told to pull off into a truck bay or stop on the side of the road

truck stop

and the cops did make an appearance


and then it appeared

float 1

float 2

This thing was huge, so huge it needed a rig at the front to pull it and a rig at the back which wasn't for pushing, but for braking. Yep the momentum of something this big needed a whole lot of braking power to stop it. Somewhere around 100 wheels on that float btw.

float 4

float 5

and just when we thought the show was over another one turned up

float 6

float 7

Word on the highway was that it's all parts for a new ore processing facility for one of the iron ore mines in the Hamersley Range and they'd been trucking pieces for the past week. Impressive stuff