If you've ever flown in the US of A there's a good chance you're familiar with Sky Mall. It's a little piece of late night TV shopping channel in the pocket of your airline seat. Oh and it's packed full of awesome gift ideas, errr well mostly it's packed with awesomely whacko hilarious craptastic and out there products. My brother was in the US last month and he promised to grab me the latest copy, so here are some of the greatest things you may never wish to own. This is just the start, cos there is an incredible amount of crap to get through so I'll do it over a few blogs. Sit back and enjoy the greatness that is Sky Mall....

The latest cover page

Sky Mall 001

now can't you just see yourself belting down your street on the StreetStrider, be the envy of all your neighbours, stylish looking too aint it. Let's see those happy smiles....

street rider

"Can't see shit when you go to a game or a concert? Well stress no more because the Brobdingnagian Sports Chair has arrived. There's even ample room for full body gesticulations and did we mention the reinforced powder coated steel frame? You'll need every ounce of that reinforced protection to save you from the savage arse-whoopin you're gonna get from everyone seated behind you!"

surely this one's not real, I mean come on

high chair

Are all of your CD's, DVD's, VHS's and Betamax tapes lying all over your house? Well now you can store them ALL in this attractive media cabinet*

*suitable only for those people still living in 1966


Now for some incredibly discreet products, so discreet people wont even notice you're using them

The SkyRest*

*I think he's dead

sky rest

The Body Back Buddy

Use it anywhere, on anyone

back buddy

Wrist Cell Phone Carrier

Never miss an important call again and no more pesky bulges in your trousers*

*can be set to spiderweb and laser beam mode at the flick of a switch


Now I'm guessing after getting through all of that you're in need of a quick nap and when I say nap I mean sleeping on your face

rela n nap

Next time I'll bring you some of the fantastic items they have for pets, wait till you see the places they can hide the kitty litter these days.


Anonymous said…
That entertainment cabinet is THE SEX and I want one.

The Back Buddy is suggestive.
Stu said…
I just wanna know what the hell that bottom piece of equipment is? Is it an oversize video player ?? I mean it's huge!
Anonymous said…
That street Strider might be a safer bet than your scooter at the moment .
Accidents come in 3's -Reb .
Stu said…
HA! and I'm pretty sure I'll look much cooler on the StreetRider tn the vespa
Anonymous said…
yeah , roll up to your local cafe ,
then flip out your solar phone charger , tre-cool -Reb.
We clearly have similar Sky Mall taste.

I like the white pants arse in the tv console picture. I wonder if you get that included.
Stu said…
ahhh SNAP, it's hours and hours of entertainment in one neat package ;)
Stu said…
oh and the white arse bits on the Plasma TV I think, "gridiron buttocks"
I do NOT have enough gridiron buttocks in my life. I want to start a band called Gridiron Buttocks.
Stu said…
well when your band is huge in Japan make sure you mention you got the name from this guy...
Rapper said…
LOL, don't worry buddy, just registered "Gridiron Buttocks" so if anyone uses it we are billionare's, if they don't we are still poor little individuals.