I feel I want to plug this event as I really want it to be a success, so get along if you can




From 10am to 7pm the Planet Stage on Grosvenor Road will showcase an eclectic range of WA’s freshest musical frontrunners. From swinging soul pop to superb beat making and everything in between, this electrifying stage will be host to performances from: The Highgate Primary School Band, Hootenanny, Split Seconds, The Tigers, Umpire, Naik, Boys Boys Boys, 6s and 7s, Boom Bap Pow and the Brow Horn Orchestra plus RTRFM’s media award winning MC’s Meri Fatin and Peter Barr.

The more acoustic, downtempo Lotterywest Stage on Mary Street will be home to a list of experimentalists, folk delights and off-kilter indie and post-rock performers including: Little Ships, Chris Mason, Andrew Ewing, Adam Trainer, Ghost Drums, Craig McElhinney, Simone and Girlfunkle, Goodnight Tiger and Felicity Groom. In addition, The Big Hoo Haa comedy improvisors, will also be scheduled for performances to liven up the morning for every passerby.

Barlee Street’s Bankwest Stage will lend itself to a range of electronic musical lunacy. Hip hop, left-field, afro-beat and beyond will be dished up by a number of Perth’s most accomplished DJs and producers including: Mama Cass, Mathas, Massiv Trav, Charlie Bucket, Diger Rokwell, Sardi and James A. The stage will also include YMCA mobile skate park, ping pong, an outstanding art program, and community and sponsors stalls.

At 555 Beaufort Street, The Ellington Festival Bar* will be jam packed with a mix of entertainment, running all day long. Kicking off with an exciting Barista competition in the morning, the intimate space will host live jazz performances throughout the day by TRG Trio and The Hounds, plus the WAMi award-winning Graham Wood Trio. An afternoon and evening of RTRFM’s finest DJs will follow, with sets by Claude Mono, Wrighteous, Gonzo, Declan, Vishnu, Rok Riley vs Ben M and the Underground Sound Solution System.

*Please note that the Ellington Festival Bar will not be at The Ellington Jazz Club. The Ellington are sponsors of this temporary stage at 555 Beaufort St next to Method clothing.

In addition many of the businesses up and down the street will be providing DJs and live music on the day…


The arts program will see some of Perth’s most prominent and unknown artistic treasures leaking through the cracks of the street, peeking through locked cabinets and washing machines, lazing in hidden alley ways, woven around light poles and splashed in a colourful spray onto cars. Art collectives and individuals united, new and established, young and old, every type of medium imaginable; art will explode its way through the crowds to inspire, excite and be enjoyed.

The Locked Cabinet will see 500 keys passed around the festival crowd of thousands with a combination code to unlock what secret? Yolanda Stapleton from Onetrickpony has gathered some of Perth’s most dynamic artists to create an intriguing interactive exhibition on padlocked old school locker cabinets. Look for a key from a passerby in the crowd, find the Locked Cabinet, use the combination, enjoy, lock it back up and pass it on…or if you love it, you can buy it!

The crew from art collective Ololo with curation by Hurben, will be towing cars to the Barlee Street Carpark for a wash on festival day. Not quite the ordinary soap and bubbles – a live artistic spray will clean them up just nicely…you’ll want to throw a bid their way in the silent auction and tow them home again to park a piece of Tattwash art in your drive!

Latent Letters will ask the question ‘What does that code stand for?” A select number of Beaufort Street stores will hold the hidden clues to untangle a constellation-inspired code and reveal a hidden word. Those that successfully reveal the hidden word will go into the draw for one of five amazing prizes. Follow the Latent Letter trail down the street with translation papers and a pencil to be in the draw…

Bring your own ping-pong bat and ball and follow the initiatives of locals in Berlin, London, Germany, Spain and Denmark. A welded steel outdoor Ping Pong table adorned with a commissioned artist design will be installed for your enjoyment! Popp away with Public Outdoor Ping Pong!

60 photographs in 60 minutes was the brief given to a team of Perth photographers who, after being allocated a certain one-hour timeslot will be roaming the street come festival day helping us document the celebrations. They may choose to bring to life 60 hellos, 60 goodbyes, 60 colours or 60 pairs of shoes….the possibilities are endless. As the day draws to a close we will have a minute-by-minute account of the day; the photographers’ favourite images to be exhibited early next year at The Slaughterblouse. Links to the photographer’s websites and the full 60 minutes of their documentation will be available on the festival website!

Tucked away in Chatsworth/Mary St Laneway you will a very cool vintage laneway house of the senses designed by Harrison St John Kennedy. The walls will be lined with photocopied artworks pasted in a collage of graphics, illustrations and paintings by a range of Perth artists in a Public Paste Up and the floors transformed into an interactive inside out house littered with sofas, beds, toilets, tables and chairs. Come, sit, relax and indulge your senses!

Woven around bus stops, clinging to gate fences, hanging off walls and light poles… art of the knitting kind will tangle the street in colourful threads.

The No Relevance installation has no relevance to anything, however in its irrelevant-ness, it is completely relevant…to this year’s festival! Door frames leading to nowhere, fluro wheelchairs parked outside bars, vintage blackboards and water fountains sprouting flowers will litter the streets in the most irrelevant of places.

Flexhaus will take you into the world of a late night Laundromat; to introduce you to the hardworking but hard partying machines that strain for your stains. Prints, installations and washing machine makeovers will transform Highgate Drycleaners into a playful gallery space.


Alongside the incredible music and arts programs, local businesses will be organising delectable food samples throughout the day, many displaying their goods on food stalls outside their premises for attendees to peruse at their leisure.

Additional food will be for sale for attendees during the day, while local bars and restaurants will be in business as usual to cater for the patrons on Beaufort Street.

A lifelong question will be answered when cafés and restaurants along Beaufort Street come together for a barista competition. Watch as someone is crowned king or queen of coffee while others are kicked to the curb by an expert judging panel at The Ellington Festival Bar at 555 Beaufort Street.


The Sunday Times Best of Beaufort Street Fashion will be hosted by Luxe Bar and bamBOO, with fashion parades on display every hour, on the hour from 1.00pm to 5.00pm. Styled by STM Fashion Editor Claire Davies, with help from Amanda Ashurst and Amelia D’Orsogna, some of Perth’s biggest names in fashion will be involved in this amazing fashion showcase.

The vivacious Hayley Thompson from STM Confidential will be hosting the event, while Luxe’s resident DJs will be mixing during the parades and Perth’s Resort will play live between each parade. There will be two parades of ‘Beaufort Street Style’ and two parades of ‘Swim and Resort Wear’, curated by Claire Davies. Following 5.00pm, Luxe Bar will be opening for guests to sink into the plush surrounds and enjoy some more cocktail couture.

Children and Youth

The Beaufort Street Festival Committee recognises that specific events should be developed to encouraged children to participate in the Festival. This has included encouraging a number of individual businesses on the street to develop events or program elements for children.

The Festival committee has also encouraged local schools within the Beaufort Street precinct to participate in the Festival, through collaboration with an art event.

Events or programs scheduled for children include: A Little Public Paste Up involving the call out for children to bring photocopies of their artwork and install it by way of bluetac on a wall kindly donated by Curves Ladies Gym situated in their side alley adjacent to the Barlee St car park.

The Apoetree Project – They say that the wind carries a tree’s whisper through their branches and out to the universe. Kerry Mills and Sacred Heart Primary will be whispering their own histories on festival day through water washed images of Highgate and Mt Lawley overwritten by poems to be hung in a tree branch exhibition of the area’s past up and down Mary Street.

Little Shirt Graf – The seriously cool artists of the future working on their Dads’ white shirts – and on display at the Laudromarket corner! Kids from Year 6 Highgate Primary showing us how it’s done.

YMCA’s Mobile Skate Park will be installed at the Bankwest Stage (Barlee Street Car Park) and host demonstrations and open sessions to the interested public.

And this is only a taste of the extensive children and youth program.

Getting there on the day…

This amazing showcase of talent will be brought to the public with no charge, where local talent and the community that supports them can merge in a unique public setting.

Public transport will be readily available for attendees and considering the layout of the entertainment for the day, it’s encouraged to ditch the car and head down to the festival via foot, bicycle or another green alternative.


There is also a Maylands Street Festival this weekend, it doesn't look as exciting as the Beaufort Street one but I will still be going down!
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ahhh I did not know of this, if I have time this weekend I'll check it out