A couple of pics sent in by my mum from far north Qld. The Peeramon Hotel. Simpler times when the mixing of beer and driving was harmless

Peeramon hotel

inside the hotel which reminds me a lot of what the Ironclad Pub in Marble Bar looked like

inside the Peeramon hotel


Anonymous said…
I knew the guys who ran it , back in '93 .

It's where we had the Recovery for the Coral Spawning B'n'S .

ah good daze -Reb .
Me said…
Coral Spawning B'n'S ? how does coral spawning tie into a B & S
Anonymous said…
Coral spawning = great barrier reef
spawning = sex , get it .

It was the first B'n'S in FNQ ,
we were promoting it in Cairns .

It was put on buy a bunch of southeners
and all B'n'S's have to have a name .
Me said…
ahhh local humour ;)