Wow, Perth and beer festivals, what is it with this town? You may recall our experience at the Perth Beer Festival last year, if so you'll probably raise your eyebrows with the thought "Ha, what did you expect?" I didn't attend this one and even if I wasn't over 1000km's away at the time I wouldn't have gone...I'm still licking my wounds from 2009. At least we only paid $20 to get screwed over, yesterdays punters coughed up $65....huh? I'm very keen to know what that got anyone other than entrance. Is Perth that cashed up that we think nothing of throwing $65 at a cover charge...jeebus.

Anyways as I didn't attend I'll just link up a Perth blogger who did, with pics. Oh and like the Beer Festival the organisers are compensating all with free tickets to next years event. Maybe that's why it cost $65, it's actually 2 years worth of door charges!

Organisers of yesterday's Oktoberfest beer festival in Northbridge were accused of poor organising, after ticket holders were forced to wait in queues hundreds of metres long outside the venue.

Many people at the $60-a-ticket festival gave up trying to get into the Aberdeen Hotel venue and were instead forced to go and drink somewhere else.

A section of Aberdeen Street was closed for the event, which featured live music, guest beers and fairground games.

Would-be festivalgoer Matt Edwards said he gave up trying to get in after queuing more than two hours.

“They haven’t thought about it well enough – it’s a joke,” he said. Another festivalgoer, who had finally made it inside, described the queue as “ridiculous”.

“It’s one of the best festivals I’ve been to in Perth, but they haven’t catered for the amount of people – typical,” she said.

Frustrated attendees have lashed out at event organiser EatingWA on a Facebook page set up to promote the event.

“Hands down the worst organisation of an event ever! That line to get in was ridiculous and every line there after amplified everyone’s frustration! Was there no thought put into this at all!!,” one Facebook user wrote.

“By time so many people got in through the ridiculous single entry point everyone was agro and expecting something pretty awesome inside to justify the wait,” another said.

“But nah, all you got inside was the chance to line up with more dissappointed (sic) and agro people for an overpriced beer.”

EatingWA could not be reached for comment this morning.


Ranx said…
Gotta say, though, I actually had a really good time. Must have found the only happy part of the crowd :-)

Did I mention the wench dresses?
Stu said…
well of course, beer wench dresses what's there to complain about ;)

I think mooiness had a good time as well but most agreed that it was shithousely put together. Aussies can find fun anywhere thugh
mooiness said…
I concur on the fact that Aussies can find fun anywhere! But I'd have even more fun if it didn't cost $65. :P
Stu said…

have read some more on it and you were supposed to get a free beer stein and the bands were KISStake??? err okay Jebediah and Gyroscope = $65 ?

yeah not good
Ranx said…
Can you imagine them giving out glass beer steins? I got a couple of coronas and the girl behind the bar just handed me the stubbies instead of pouring them in to plastic cups. 5 mins later 2 security guards swooped on us like we had firearms!
We got early bird tickets for 50 through Moshtix then they sent us a free one for messing us around, so cost came down to $33 each, so slightly more palatable
Stu said…
Hahaha "Over there, 2 guys armed with stubbies check?"

I had an argument with a bar person once over the damage I could do with a water bottle lid, apparently a lot cos he wasn't going to give it to me, just the bottle