Wandered down to the source of the music floating past my place yesterday and into the first ever Beaufort st Festival. I'm not sure why but I kinda figured Beaufort st would have been closed off for this, but then I fathomed the hell that would have caused. To be honest I thought it was good, not great, but very good and there really is now a foundation for an awesome event to develop over the coming years. That the street remains open and the sidewalks are crammed with people and events might just become the feature we all head there for in the future.




Hopefully more street artists are involved next year because watching the few that were there was one of the highlights for me. Beaufort st has lots of nooks crannies and laneways and it would be awesome to see these filled with happenings. Maybe that's just the archaeologist in me talking but I think everyone loves discovering stuff ....right?

Really liked the knitted pole pieces






knit silly walk

Stormie Mills giving the wall at the side of the Flying Scotsman a makeover for the festival...

scotsman 1

swcotsman 2


some other pics including the outdoor house that was created in the lane between Mary and Chatsworth

hills hoist



laneway TV

laneway table

laneway chair

slideshow of the rest


Anonymous said…
Embrace these festivals while they are in their infancy , nice and eclectic .Reminds me of Richmond and Fitzroy before my Gen X bought up and the music became too loud .-Reb.

P.S. glad you found a use for your knitting .

P.P.S. Was and friends there ?
stu said…
Yeah don't get me wrong I enjoyed it and have high hopes for the next one

that fairy is your dreadlocked red headed girl you met isn't it?
Anonymous said…
Lol , I wish , but I think fearie cara bats for the same team as my new jillaroo .

Was watching a primo program from down your way called ''The Couch '' on Aurora TV
and she and a couple of Eco-Fearies were on , YUM-OH .

Man you have a nice supply of hot chicks W.A. way .

can't believe you can't get laid -Reb.
stu said…
hahaha yes we do .... and I'm doin okay ;)