365 Days ago, my last birthday in fact, I decided I would take a photo every day for a whole year. The first thing I realised was that 365 days later it would not be my birthday again, that would be in 366 days (tomorrow, see I did the maths for you). The second thing I realised is that this wouldn't be as easy as just snapping a pic a day. It kind of got hard to find a subject sometimes but somehow I always did. Even at 11.30pm when I found myself photo less I still managed to get one before midnight. And now it's all done and dusted.

I'm feeling a bit sad about it to be honest, bit chuffed as well, I'd never committed to anything like this before. At least 5 other friends were inspired to start around the same time as I did, sadly all but one dropped out, but that's cool, they're just doin their thing.

Well here it is, the last pic, it's nothing special, in fact I think there's a whole lot more special ones in the collection, but today I just figured I would simply look up at the clouds above me and snap a quick shot, not much thought to it, just a few clouds. Good times

365 Days | Day 365

if anyone is interested this is the complete set, best viewed in full screen mode
hmmm what to do now


Irishman said…
Congrats on completing it! I hope to follow in your footsteps in a couple of months. You've been an inspiration sir!
stu said…
Cheers man that's great to hear

and see edit to this story, how did I forget you were doing it too, I often check yours, it's been a long day. Fixed now :)
So limnologists aren't the only ones to come up with that hug-greedy slogan eh?

Good work. Happy birthday!
stu said…
haha but do you have the T shirt? and can I just say that is an ologist I had never heard of before, an excellent word, (yes I googled it) gotta try and put it in a sentence somehow

and thanks for the b'day wishes
Anonymous said…
Well done Stu, you made it. Clouds are ok as well.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Celebrate even if you are away from home.
Rapper said…
Considering you're currently in the middle of bum fuck nowhere.Happy Birthday for today buddy.
Garry D said…
Wow Stu, looking through all 365 of them at once was really cool - you've taken some awesome photos.

My favourites, in no particular order:

- Windsor Cinema
- man walking with map
- Orange Avenue
- the gate at the Mary St house
- dinosaur chasing spaceman
- icey ice toy
- falcon in tree against blue sky
- television and lamp
- archeology magazines
- sifting on a tarp from top view
- ant view
- windscreen in the rain (1st one)
stu said…
Thanks mum and Jus

and Gaz, now I'm going to have to remind myself of all of those hehe cheers
Irishman said…
Thanks for the edit man! :)

Meant to draw your attention to this one:

Whenever I see street art (even if it's drawn in a copy), I'm reminded of you. <3 HEART
stu said…
hehe and as we say "nice find" and I'm feelin the love man, feelin the love ;)
Ranx said…
Looks like I'm not the only one going to miss your photo's. I think you need a new project :-{)

Happy birthday!
stu said…
cheers man, I was thinking maybe 365 days of my bed hair ;)