A day in the Old Islamic Cairo area with it's winding alleyways through the bazaar. We managed to get away from the tourist trail which resulted in lots of stares from people who wondered just what the fuck we were doing there. It's strange to be stared at when you walk down a street...."Do I have a huge wart on my nose?"

Mohammed Aly Mosque pano 01

Old Cairo 07

Citadel Mosque 02

Time to leave Cairo now and head to Luxor, can't wait to hit the valley of the Kings and visit Tutankhamen's mummy. There is just the hotel tab to deal with first and I think we may have racked up a slightly big one here in the last few days, meh, it always looks worse than it is when it's written in Egyptian pounds right?....right?

Cairo pano

Mohammed Aly Mosque 11

Old Cairo and Justin 1

Old Cairo silver


Irishman said…
Amazing pictures, wish I was there man!
stu said…
Thanks all :)