Loving Egypt. Spent yesterday visiting Memphis where we scored a look at an amazing statue of Ramses II. Then onto the Step Pyramid of Djoser followed by the Pyramids and the Sphinx. I even spent a whack of dollars on a hand knotted Egyptian rug for my new place. Fingers crossed it actually arrives in Australia. Today we spent a few hours wandering the dusty halls of the Egyptian Museum, what an incredible place. I could go again and still see the same amount of stuff that I'm sure I missed.

step pyramid over exposed

Step Pyramid entrance

The Egyptians have been awesome, such a friendly bunch of people, strangers will pass you in the street and say "Welcome to Egypt" and no they're not trying to get you into a shop or anything like that, they just keep on walking. Not that there aren't many who ARE trying to get you into a shop, I'm just sayin.

Ramses and us

Khufu and me and my bro 1

Sphinx and Pyramids  x 3

oh .... that's mine and my brothers reflection there on the sphinx's butt

Sphinx and our reflection 2


We had a private tour guide yesterday for all the pyramid stuff and she was...well lets just say I have fallen in love. Her name is Samiyah and she had the most amazing eyes and was just plain gorgeous, oh and also an archaeologist. Ticked that box. Alas I fear we have no future, as much as she wants to be with me I must set her free. I'll be letting her out of the wardrobe when I leave in a few days, but until then....

The Pyramids 1

Khufu and me and my bro 2


Anonymous said…
what ??? , no running from the pyramids or sphinx's butt !!!

You have a good one - Reb.
stu said…
cheers mate, merry xmas and all. Nup no running from anything sadly, I did my knee a few days before I left Perth so I'm protecting it so that it lasts the distance
Anonymous said…
The Mummy'S Curse strikes again !!! -Reb.