How could I not have known of this sooner?! I stopped counting face lifts at around 15

Gylene Tider 
Somehow a Norwegian television station got a bunch of 80s celebrities -- people like Norm from Cheers, Tiffany, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Ricki Lake, Eddie the Eagle, Tanya Harding, Dolph Lundgren, Bananarama, Manuel from Fawlty Towers, etc. etc. -- to do promotional music videos for an 80s nostalgia show and the results are nothing less than a supertrainwreck
First they did "We Are the World": 
And followed that up with "Let It Be"
Peter Shilton and Ian Rush? - too good


mrpeenee said…
I can hear the pitch now: "Just come on in, it'll be fun. We'll have lottsa coke, just like the old days."
Irishman said…
I think Bud Bundy was my personal highlight. And Jaws.

Oh look, Boyzone!
Anonymous said…
Yeah Jaws and Bud Spencer .

There does seem to be a lot of nostalgia going on .
I had to explain the words meaning to my jillaroo the other day ,
sad I know ..

Yeah the pitch '' we have some wacky Norwigens , that want you to sing..........''

oh and I've skiied with Tomba ,
actually , my line is
''I taught Tomba to ski ''
but alas it's lost , here in Oz ...-Reb
stu said…
haha some of us know who he is ;)