I still can't, lifelong dream achievement unlocked. This place is fantastic so far. The people have been extremely friendly, not toooo pushy and to put it bluntly I'm lovin it. We even had a pretty good flight over on Egypt Air, which was supposed to have been Malaysian Airlines but like most carriers these days they code share. But it was fine, no different to say a Jetstar (minimal service) kind of flight. Actually seeing as the food was edible that puts it one notch above Jetstar. I scored my usual 25 x 10 minute sleeps giving me around 4 hours all up, way too little but I'm crap at sleeping on planes.

Cairo from my hotel balcony, just now

Cairo at Night

After a few hours kip in my hotel room, which is very nice btw, my brother and I hit the streets of downtown Cairo. Crossing streets full of speeding traffic is the main obstacle here to waking up alive tomorrow, it's nuts, so we figured out pretty quickly that you just spot a local who's crossing and grab onto their shirt and hope they are pro at this, most seem to be.

Crossing the 6th October Bridge into Cairo

justin into Cairo 2


vespas into Cairo

Australia is such a nanny state, I mean this kid looks happy up front there unharnessed doesn't he?


We cruised a few streets before a friendly guy who just finished work at the Cairo Museum (our Friday target) passed by us and offered up some info as we waited to cross a street. Pointed to the best places to shop etc and when best to visit the museum. Nice guy and typical of the Caironians (is that right?) we've met so far. Including Mohammed who owns a small tourist gift shop across the road from the museum. He used to live in Sydney and is married to an Italian woman whom he met in Zurich in 1987 and now has two sons who are unlikely to continue running his fathers fathers store even though it's in a prime location opposite the museum and we know all of this because we were given his life story in between purchases :breath: Good times.

into downtown cairo

Cairo 1

sport cola

Cairo 5

grilled street corn fanned with birds feathers for everyone

Grilled Corn

Cairo Cat

Tomorrow it's Memphis, the Pyramids and the Sphinx, scored a private tour guide through the hotel and we're all set to get the good oil on the main reason we've come here, can't wait.

nothing beats a cold beer after an afternoon of foot slogging

Afternoon beer 1

happy Justin



Anonymous said…
envy,envy,envy.Looking forward to the next instalment.Look after each other and tell little bros to hold your hand when you cross the road.
Enjoy every bit of it.
Love Mum and Rick
stu said…
But muuuuuuuuum, we're big boys now!
Anonymous said…
Nah never. Thinking of you , have a super day
xo Mum
Stella said…
WOW!! I would love to go someday. Looking forward to seeing all your photos! Have an amazing time Stu.

Merry Christmas!