Only, there wasn't really. I'd been hearing about the light and sound show at the Pyramids for years so I was pretty keen to hit it up last night. Kinda shouldn't have bothered really, I would give it 4 maybe 5 out of 10....sadly. Sadly because I so wanted this to be awesome, but it wasn't. In fact it was probably awesome back in say 1982, but they don't seem to have updated it all that much and Jean Michelle Jarre does a much better gig and that's saying something cos I hate Jean Michelle Jarre light shows. This was just a boring story with some boring lights that could have been so much better. As for the sound ....well, what sound? Omar Sharrif's commentary along with I believe Sir Alec Guinness shows you just how out dated the show is.

pyramid light and sound 2

pyramid light and sound

So far this has been the only really disappointing thing we've done here. It really has been fantastic, you should try and get here if you can. Tomorrow we head to Luxor, so the Egyptian fun train is still rollin.

pyramid light and sound 1