Seen all over Highgate this week

love it or dont


Stella said…
Wow. Love it.
mooiness said…
Nice one. Patrioticism does not mean you don't criticise the status quo or point out obvious wrongs. :)
Anonymous said…
Very clever . I was dicussing that I wanted a Sthn Cross tat , but
that it had been hijacked by wankers .But I'm getting one , on purpose ,

I'm reclaiming it .

And I'm at ready to rip some redneck a new arsehole ,
when he/she thinks I'm with them .

But the '' No fat chicks '' sticker stays on the ute .....-Reb
stu said…
I'm with ya, I considered a sthn cross tatt about 15 years ago, but like you said, completely hijacked. Claim it back brother