Some great lines I've heard or read on this trip

  • "We hope your taste buds stay with you after you leave this flight" - Turkish Air inflight menu - yeah, so do I, I need em.
  • "Would you like air condition or fresh air?" - Driver on the way to Cairo airport; Redundant part was the offer of fresh air, I mean, it's Cairo
  • "For Gentlemen, in the instance of an impact, please loosen your tie and collar and move into the crash position" - Turkish Air pre flight safety announcement; I guess the Turks like their impacts to be a casual affair.
  • "How awesome is this building" - Written on the side of a building in Luxor, there was more to it but that's all I saw as we drove past. It was a fairly ordinary building and it was yellow, which just made the bad translation even funnier.
  • "I love chance!" - shouted loudly by a shop owner in the Istanbul bazaar, in his attempt to attract tourists to his wares.


Stella said…
Your first one made me laugh out loud. oh dear.
stu said…
I've heard more but I keep forgetting to write them down and so I forget them. I'll try harder ;)