So we booked a hotel in Istanbul that was smack bang in the middle of the tourist district. Yeah I should have researched it more. Did we still have fun? Yeah we did, despite the not so real version of Istanbul we were subjected to. I kinda like experiencing a city from the heart of it, getting down into the back streets where the locals live, I'm more into the average than the beautified top end....if you get my drift. So we only really had one day outside the touristy parts and that's why I'll probably go back to Turkey one day, I don't think I really experienced it at all. But the one day was pretty good, we crossed the river into the Asian side of Istanbul. How often do you get to ride a tram between Europe and Asia? Exactly!

It was there on the Asian side that we found a cool street filled with grungy guitar stores, cafes and other cool places. Sadly it was a New Years Day and almost everything was shut but I did manage to find some street art, something that was seriously lacking in the tourist quarter....

Istanbul Street Art 02

Istanbul Street Art 01

Istanbul Street Art 04

Istanbul Street Art 03

Istanbul Street Art 00

exactly, where is the fucking street party?

Istanbul Street Art 05