Dropped into The Goose Cafe Restaurant in Busselton last Friday night for a meal with some of the staff on the weekender workshop thingy. First up, I don't think you will see many other places with a view like that of The Goose, looking out down and along the Busselton Jetty and across the Indian Ocean. It's pretty damn spectacular.

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We were greeted at the door by the manager and our request for a table for 8 was answered with a yes, perhaps a drink at the bar first whilst we get your table ready, don't mind if we do. Some nice beers on tap and a wine list full of local and interstate wines. After about 15 minutes our spot was ready and we headed in. We ordered pretty quickly being as we were all famished, it was here that we made a slightly fatal mistake. No we didn't want any starters, not even something to nibble on, we'll just go straight into the mains. Only the mains took over 40 minutes to get to us.

According to the bar staff it was quiet for a Friday night and yet we waited a bit too long, this is where the service could be improved, this is were a good service person notices the wait, comes on over and explains why and suggests at least some garlic bread or something. This didn't happen. In fact once we'd ordered our wines we were never spoken to again! We even had to go to the bar ourselves for a second bottle. For the prices the Goose charges the service needs to step it up a notch. Whilst eating my main meal I noticed a lot of the staff were polishing cutlery with hardly anyone paying attention to us or the other diners, a common tactic when it's quiet and a supervisor sees a chance to get out early, get them all cleaning up. Only the service will always suffer if you leave the floor understaffed

That's where I'll stop complaining because once the food did arrive it was on all counts very good. The Linguine with Carnarvon prawns, chilli and sliced olives topped with toasted parmesan and tossed in olive oil was superb, so was the 3 hour roasted pork belly with fennel along with the rest of our orders. The Goose does good food and is an example of how much Busselton has upped the stakes in the dining department over the years. If only they could master the service to match the food, especially with the prices charged which are slightly on the high side but not unwarranted if everything was top notch. I highly suggest that if you find yourselves in Busselton and in the need for a good meal with a great view that you head to The Goose.

7 extra long jetties out of 10

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Kirsty said…
We had a similar poor service experience last week. In a medium-large sized restaurant and there were only three parties. We arrived at about 1.20pm, ordered starters and mains and drinks and left at 3.20pm.

We probably could have been home by 2.30pm had the starters not taken 50 minutes to get to us!!! No apologies, no explanations .. and to top it off .. not a lot of taste either.

So much can be excused with good service. Too bad it is so lacking in many places.
stu said…
ahhhh geeez, there's no hope when the starters get fucked up