Such a fantastic summers evening in Perth tonight, perfect for a stroll down to Northbridge with two of my best mates, Waz and Gaz. We chose Lido, an Asian eatery at the top end of William st. It's predominantly a Vietnamese restaurant but it looks like there's a few non Viet dishes in there as well, let's just say I wouldn't call it pure Vietnamese. But don't let that small point put you off, Lido has some fine food on offer.

I don't have a picture of Lido, so here's the mosque across the road...why not eh?


We grabbed a table outside being as the night was most awesome. Service was pretty quick and we ordered a round of beers and some san choy bow as an entree. San choy bow has been a favourite of mine since back when I was an apprentice chef and I discovered it in a Chinese restaurant in the Broadway shopping centre in Nedlands (probably long gone by now) I had never tasted anything like it. My taste buds went nuts, so I've eaten a fair bit of it since and as a result acquired a pretty good knowledge of what a good san chow bow should taste like. The dish we were served tonight was far from 1980's Nedland generic Chinese restaurant levels, it was bland, lacked content and well it just wasn't a great start to the meal. I would almost go as far as to suggest that they had left the soy out of the mix. Not great.

For mains it was another round of beers and 3 dishes to share. Sautéed chicken with fresh pineapple, shaking diced veal and a Mongolian lamb served on a sizzling plate. Now we we're talking, grilled fresh pineapple is fantastic and the shaking veal was tender and well seasoned. The Mongolian lamb is always a good dish at Lido and tonight it lived up to its' rep. The main courses more than made up for the sad entree.

icey ice

After we had finished up and settled the bill, almost $110.00 for 3 and that included 5 beers, we began the great debate over a choice of not good for us gelato or better for us Icey Ice. Icey Ice won, I've been to Icey Ice before and liked it but I've always felt a bit ripped off, I mean it tastes like I'm eating an aerated ice cream and it tastes nice, especially when it's covered in chocolate sauce and dusted with chocolate shavings with chocolate bits sticking out of it (yeah only just a bit better for us than gelato) but deep down I know it's not ice cream. That's when I feel a bit ripped off. But if you haven't tried it you really should, it's different.

my icey ice

Lido: 7.5 sizzling plates out of 10

Icey Ice: 6.5 faked out taste buds out of 10

Oh yeah and I almost forgot, Lido Shuffle...

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I sometimes wonder if I could get an Icey Ice delight back to my place to eat it there, or if I would arrive home to find a container of melt. I should devote my brain time to more important things.
stu said…
more important than sweet morsels? I think not

There is the pancake/crepe (which looks more like a flat waffle) option. We were thinking that might work as a takeaway version....or not
The Desp. said…
lols @ Icey Ice. I went there once and that was enough for me. The junkie blue light puts me off a little too.

University Chinese is still at Broadway.
stu said…
Hang on, is Uni Chinese upstairs or downstairs cos I'm pretty sure it was the upstairs one I'm thinking of
The Desp. said…
Waz said…
I have decided when next in that position I will lobby heavily for gelato or icecream.
stu said… shall have my vote
stu said…
Desp: yeah that's the el cheapo student one, this was the ever so classy one upstairs hehehe
Gregoryno6 said…
The old hostel next to the mosque has finally been demolished. Someone decided that twenty years of slow disintegration was enough.
stu said…
That was this one yeah

Yep I was talking to someone from council the other night about it and it was so far gone that demolition was the only option. If you're patient enough you can wait for everything huh?
Gregoryno6 said…
I don't know if I can wait another ten years for Scarlett Johanssen to arrive at my front door...
Seriously, that place was an eyesore and should have gone ages ago. Fingers crossed we get something good in its place.
stu said…
she'll come....yeah agreed an eyesore but if fixed up years ago it would be a prized building right now. So much potential

as for what's coming, something that looks very much like the mosque next door stylistically

and that's from a very very good source