Well, semi naked, more on him later. Yesterday was the first of my town's free summer concerts. Not sure who was playing but that wasn't important, she was good though. What was important was catching up with good friends on a sensational summers afternoon/evening in good old Hyde Park. When I say good friends I should say unpunctual friends because they were all 45 minutes late, so I sat their like lonely no friend guy trying to hold a spot on the grass in the shade. Not an easy task trust me. So to kill time I started playing with the Hipstamatic app on my phone and so the pics that follow are mostly so inclined.

free gig





And so to the naked guy; There's nothing worse than lying in the park all alone in your budgie smugglers workin on your tan and workin on your laptop, when all of a sudden a crowd of around 500 turn up for a free there?! Poor guy, all alone for ages then suddenly swamped, he couldn't log off and get dressed fast enough....

semi naked guy


There must be something about Hyde Park that inspires nudity. I saw way too many Irish willies after RTR's Seriously Sound System last month.
stu said…
hahahaha but I don't think the Irish confine that activity to just Hyde Park