We'd heard about an old Roman aqueduct somewhere behind the area we were staying in Istanbul. So we went for a search yesterday. We couldn't find any sign posts which was unusual for this area but not unexpected as the Turks don't really play up the Roman part of their history. Maybe they are anti Constantinople, I dunno. That said we did visit an awesome Roman site which I'll blog about next....anyways we finally found a section of it, down a small lane behind some rundown and abandoned buildings.

Aqueduct 03

This was the section we found and there wasn't much to it

Aqueduct 00

so we walked on

Aqueduct 04

and there it was, pretty damn cool in my opinion but then I love this stuff

Aqueduct 05

Aqueduct 07

Aqueduct 06


Anonymous said…
they're probably asking '' what did the Romans ever give them '' .....lol -Reb.

beware of bus travel with americans and going to coptic churchs
stu said…
We seem to be one day ahead of all trouble and bad weather on this trip so fingers crossed.
Anonymous said…
that's good .

Just a heads up or a bit of paranoia ...

our/my/european/coptic's actually celebrate xmas on the 7th of Jan ...

stu said…
I'm safe in Jordan now. I think they killed all of their Christians centuries ago ;)
stella said…
Love pics of abandoned buildings!
stu said…
ditto on that