Incredible news coming out of Queensland at the moment. My parents are safely north of the worst hit areas but my sister is busy sandbagging in Brisbane and in pretty high spirits....
Hey Stu. Our building is safe has to hit 8m to affect us and we are on the 4th floor. We have just evacuated sue-ellens salon down the road and sandbagged it. I helped make 200 sandbags with a heap of others in the pouring rain & severe thunderstorm. Tonight and 2mrw morning are going to be very interesting. Mind you we have the essentials of wine and corona. can't get to work WHAT A SHAME!!!!
So I'm happy they are all safe for the time being. When I read the headline "Inland Tsunami sweeps across Qld" I kinda rolled my eyes, I mean tsunami? But now that I've seen the footage I couldn't agree more, that water ripped into Toowoomba as fast and furious as the Tsunami that hit Thailand a few years back. Still 66 people unaccounted for and you can only guess at the numbers of livestock and native animals killed by all of this. But it's not all doom and gloom and this picture proves it. I'm not sure of the full story behind this but it was taken in Wellington, Queensland and as a person who works in an area filled with kangaroos it is most extraordinary to see them willingly get in that dinghy with humans....great stuff


edit: word on the street is that this pic os not from these floods, the internet has lied to me