Married on a Thursday, as you do, now just needing a spot for that perfect photo

A Thursday Bride

This kind of struck me as a little bit sad. I mean they were just married, obviously, but she was walking behind him, they weren't holding hands, he seemed disinterested in her, there was no wedding party with them and it was on a Thursday. I'm sure I've read way too much into it, but at that very moment....


david said…
oddly enough there's wedding photos taken down there on Cliff Street pretty much every week. Sometimes on a Thursday, sometimes even on a Tuesday. I can understand how that could happen tho because sometimes I book things in for a day I think is a Saturday but I've been looking at the wrong month on my calender so end up having my housewarming on a Monday night or something :/
stu said…
ahahaha who doesn't do THAT?!

I used to live across from a church and they marry peeps any day of the week, what struck me though was the loneliness of it all, maybe they had 200 raging guests waiting for them somewhere ...who knows