‎4,20am message from my mum "ALL OVER WE R OK" ..... Caps lock mum, caps lock!

Just spoke to her on the phone, they've been through hell, the house has stood up to a Cat 5 storm, the yard not so well. The mattress fortress was a winner and they're okay and that's the best news. Thanks so much to everyone who has sent their love and support on here, Facebook and Twitter, you all rock. Now I'm gonna go get some sleep (I did nod off on the couch about an hour ago but that doesn't count), I don't think I'll be in the office on time today. Such good news.


Irishman said…
How'd the boat hold up?
HOORAY!!! Excellent news!!!

Might be a triple coffee morning for you..
Ranx said…
Brilliant, glad to hear it :-) Was listening to updates on the ABC all morning. Glad to hear everyone is safe :)
tiff said…
*Clap clap clap!* :)
stu said…
cheers all, it was a long night for all of us :)

Ranx I am so very glad we have the internet these days, it was a huge help, twitter was awesome, people answered my questions and retweeted my tweets asking for news etc. I had ABC radio on for ages and that was a good source too

No word on the boat Brian, they hadn't surveyed everything when we spoke. Innisfail is very badly damaged it seems so I expect they will have a huge mess to clean up

Conor it is times like this that I wish I actually did drink coffee (I know Tiff, the shame the shame)
Anonymous said…
Tell the Irishman that the only thing that did not move was the boat.Proves we should all have filled ourselves with fluid and all would be ok.
Thank You everyone for your support and best wishes.It is very much appreciated.You are all welcome to visit us in paradise.
Take care all
Stu's Mum
Ranx said…
Haha, Stu, you're Mum's funnier than you!
stu said…
shhhh it'll go to her head
Stella said…
Oh my goodness. What a message. I think the caps was necessary!! Glad your fam is OK. What the hell is happening down there!?
stu said…
Somebody in Queensland made baby Jesus cry