I have been in love with this Eames chair for a while now and I've been looking to buy one. I'd have one now, an original that is, if the price wasn't so massive. For an original we're talking between $6,000.00 and $12,000.00 depending on condition. It's a lot I know but if you look after them they don't decrease in value, they in fact increase. So once I have that amount of spare cash to throw at a chair I will....I'm not holding my breath.

I'd left a spot in my new place for the chair and of course it's been an empty spot since. Then yesterday my gal pal Gen sent me a message. "I've found two Eames chair sets with Ottomans for sale and they will take $800.00 for them both, that's $400 a set". Now as much as I really, really, really want the original, I'm more than happy to part with that much money for a good leather reproduction. It's about half to a third of the going repo rate, so an awesome find by Gen. Space be filled....for now.


The Eames Lounge chair
This one's in Steve McQueens living room, you can see the Ottoman far right of picture


here's a red leather one in an old 1950's new home brochure


Françoise Hardy looking very sexy on her Eames


Adam Sandler in....err yeah Sandler doesn't really add to the coolness of the Eames. But he's at least showing good taste


Jane Fonda and Rod Taylor in a scene from Sunday in New York



Miles said…
My dad got one of these for his 60th. I found it very comfortable. The end. :D
stu said…
A most extraordinary tale Miles. I thank you :)
Miles said…
A pleasure.
Anonymous said…
now all you need is a smoking jacket , some cubans , of the montecristo variety , or human if that FYB and a guitar ( betcha already got a guitar and possibly a smoking jacket )-Reb
stu said…
you appear to have access to the finer details of my plan. My plan to impress the ladies that is
Stella said…
Ohhh nice one Stu.

I have this baby in my office:

Patina NYC said…
Adam Sandler is sitting in a Plycraft (Eames knockoff)
stu said…
So, Hollywood is as poor as me then ;)