Cos my mum and dad are in the middle of this....


See that place called Innisfail just below Cairns, that's right near where they live, so around 10pm Wednesday night they are going to get slammed. This one looks big, nasty and ugly. I rang my mum this morning....

Stu: So how are you?

Mum: We're fine, just securing everything, all the windows are taped up and dads filled the boat with water and anchored it to the ground at 4 points.

S: Ahh okay that's go.. wait what?

M: What?

S: Did you just say dad's filled the boat with water?

M: Yep, that's what you do, it gives it more weight

S: Ahhh cool, makes sense

Mum admitted to being a bit worried and why wouldn't you be. This is almost comparable to Hurricane Katrina in size and intensity. So I'm feeling a bit nervous for them too and I'm really looking forward to that text message mums promised to send once it's all over telling us that they're fine. I don't pray, but I'll be doing something in my head tomorrow night that's for sure. The upside is that mum will send me some cool pics of the aftermath for YeLPar, won't ya mum !

EDIT: It just hit Category 5

MANDATORY evacuations begin this morning as the Bureau of Meteorology warns the storm is "likely to be more life threatening than any experienced during recent generations" and predicts winds of up to 320km/h. Tidal storm surges will cause devastation as the storm hits directly on high tide


Tiff said…
Fingers crossed for your folks and all that are smacked in the middle of this craziness.
stu said…
crossing fingers and toes, thanks Tiff :)
Anonymous said…
Thanks Tiff, don't worry too much Stu we are being shit scared on your behalf. Predicted wind 280 to 300km.All roads closed so cannot get away. Should be ok though,all preps done and we have created a safe spot for us. Sorry camera put away safely for now,will take pics asap.
Love you Mum and Rick
stu said…
Don't worry about the pics mum, you guys just stay safe okay
Ranx said…
Hope they stay safe mate. Poor old Qld'ers have copped a hammering this year and could do with a bit of respite
Anonymous said…
Dear Stu's mum you should be heading towards Isa !! ex Cairns boi -Reb.
stu said…
Cheers Ranx

and yes Reb they should but too late now as all roads are closed