Recently whilst moving house I was packing up my shelves of books and I rediscovered an old book I'd found at a garage sale years ago. It's called On Becoming a Man....

Chapter 2: Where Did You Come From

First up I just know that by using the title above I'm gonna get a heap of hits from people googling the word vagina, but that's cool. Hey they sure as hell wont find this place by googling the word penis. Why? Because penis* is not mentioned even once in chapter two, which is kind of odd seeing as it deals with impregnation and childbirth. Curious? Read on.

*Yes I do realise that by writing penis that many times it can now be googled, but you get the point.

Ch2 Where did I come from


Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure it's the sperm and the egg that combines to create life not "germs". Maybe it's just uncomfortable for the author to talk about mens bits and mens fluids. Although, he sure as hell has no problem in mentioning the word vagina....

vagina vagina

Vagina, vagina, vagina. Jeez buddy slow down there, you'll just get yourself all worked up and hot under the collar. This chapter is supposed to deal with conception but it's pretty vague on what the act of conception is. I guess it is the 50's and that sort of discussion was a bit forward for the times, so readers are left to their imaginations. The chapter comes to an end with a discussion on childbirth....


Yeah yeah pain, uncomfortable, screaming, sweating, we get it, you're giving birth and it hurts a bit. But really girls do you have to carry on, I mean it's a natural process so build a bridge and get over it. You're a mother now, toughen up. Hahaha I can imagine suggesting this to a mother today. Pretty sure a fair few mothers would have liked to have set the author straight back then too.

So that's kind of it for chapter 2, a completely inadequate explanation of where you came from. There was a union of sorts, lots of vaginas and a touch of discomfort and boom you arrived. Simple really. The chapter finishes off with two photos of a teenage boy and his parents who are seriously gettin their creep on. God help any girl he brings home to meet them, because I'm pretty sure the dad is a serial killer and mum knows but wont discuss it....

creep on

creep on


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