Earlier this afternoon a bunch of us caught the Apollo 13 show down at the new State Theatre Center. Great fun, we all got to sit behind antiquated control panels which had a heap of flashing lights, handsets and black and white movie screens. Our job was to bring the crew of the Apollo 13 mission back safely to Earth. Which I am happy to announce we did.

It seems my hair is way too long for somebody who would work in NASA's mission control, so I was provided with a comb and a jar of petroleum jelly. Throughout the rest of the show one of the actors kept motioning for me to comb my hair. They did an awesome job of it all, you even felt some of the tension that would have existed during the actual crisis, our adrenaline was definitely pumping and a tonne of laughs. I'm not sure how much longer it's running for but if you can get a ticket do it!

Oh and it helps if you know binary code....but who doesn't....right?

Apollo 13


This was so freaking awesome. Seriously. My housemate and I couldn't stop exclaiming this for days after we went.

Also, ahem... I might have been the first one on my panel to figure out our binary code..
stu said…
Hahaha when they said Binary I went "oh oh"

I and one of my friends spent ages looking at the manual trying to figure it out when the manual had nothing to do with it hahaha

This is why I don't work for NASA, that plus the hair thing ;)
I was told my long hair is ok because I'm a lady.

Hang on though... surely ladies can't know anything about binary?!
stu said…
he didn't believe that I was a lady
You need to work on your come hither eyes, I tell ya.