Finally I managed to get to the Pilbara and actually stay there, not a cyclone to be seen. Tsunamis and earthquakes smashing poor Japan (how awful was that Tsunami footage with cars and trucks swept off the roads? Awful stuff), but the north west is clear at last. A two day job which became a 4 day job was just what I needed, fresh air and huge hills to climb. It really wiped away all the cobwebs. I usually work in the Chichester range, which is quite small compared to the heights of the Hamersley range, so it didn't take long for me to be sweating and huffing and puffing after the first hill. Man I've lost all walking fitness over the break, time to get back into it, seriously! We found some very cool stuff including what looks to be a couple of old burials, can't show any pics of that but I did manage a heap of the spectacular Hamersley range, an amazing place....

looking back to the Chichester range in the far distance

plains 01

break time at a water hole

water hole 03

water hole 02

how green is your valley

valley 01

creek crawling

creek 01

creek 02

some panoramic shots, click here for full sized view

Firetail 03

and here

Firetail 02

and here

Firetail 01


Waz said…
absolutely awesome pics Stu.
The Desp. said…
Lookin' pretty green! Nice.

Mrs Desp was just up there - probably in the same area actually. Were you staying at Auski? (I hope not - god that place is AWFUL!) She said she was talking to some archaeologists doing some stuff for FMG.
stu said…
Nah we were at an FMG camp (Solomons)

Completely agreed on the Auski comment, search Auski here and see what I think of that hole, those archs she were speaking to aren't from my company, we're not doing the work they do out of Auski at the mo and glad of it :)