Out and about in Northbridge today and I seemed to be attracted to the tunnel shot for some reason....

Bigger better and more over at YeLPanorama

the new Sate Theatre Centre

State Theatre Centre

a very cool old arcade being given a makover


jus burgers

Jus Burgers


Gregoryno6 said…
Just home from the city. I had to find the Retravision which has moved from opposite His Maj to the other side of the mall, past the Fire Station. Haven't been that way for several years, saw some of the new architecture that's arisen there.
Uninspiring is the polite word for it. Everything's been designed with a ruler and a set square, no angles or curves.
The apartments on the site of the old Hoyts cinema complex have less personality than a Housing Commission block - I was going to say 'as much personality as...' but that would be far too kind.
Keep taking those photos, because they might be all we have in another ten years.
stu said…
so so very much is gone and I get the sense that regret is finally setting in. That which replaces it is less than desirable. TBH though I really hadn't paid this mall all that much attention till the other day, a gem of a find