Last night a bunch of us headed down to Cottesloe to grab some dinner at Lido. As we jumped out of my car Karks and I noticed the Sculptures By The Sea show was on again. I seem to have missed that announcement this year....which is odd for me. Anyhoo, I snapped a few pics as the sun went down.

what do ya mean you can't see the big sail ship out there?

cottesloe 01

look again

cottesloe 04

cottesloe beach adorned with people and sculptures

cottesloe 08

cottesloe 05

cottesloe 07

oh yeah, the sculptures, couldn't get many good shots with that light...

sculpture 01

sculpture 02


Garry D said…
Wow, the rubbish bins with coloured lights are very cool!
stu said…
very cool, you should get down there before they all go