I have a security car park area at the back of my place, on Friday as I drove in I noticed the security gate was wide open and some tape had been placed over the sensor to keep it so. Quickly worked out it was the builder doing renos on one of the units in the converted church. I understand that he needs access but....

As I walked from my car I see him coming out of the unit carrying a piece of four b two, he's a huge dude, well over 6 foot, bald, could snap me like a twig....

"Err excuse me mate"


"I understand that you need to get in and out but there's a lot of stuff in here that's easy pickings like kayaks and bikes that we're gonna need you to keep an eye on..."

"Yah, no wowwies, if any bastard comes in here and tries it on'll get a whack from one of these (slams 4 b 2 into his palm) and I'll bury em over in that fuckin garden bed ova der, dey'll make good fuckin manure HA HA HA!"

"Okaaaay then, we're all good here, cheers...."

Hehehehe so good to know that the builder and I are on the same wave length when it comes to car park security. PS: If you're thinking of robbing my place mid week, please do, the plants need a boost!


Stella said…
HAHHAHA LOVE!!! He sounds like a cool dude. You and your neighbors should hire him as a security guard.
stu said…
The time he's taking to do these renovations (sheesh) we kinda have an almost permanent one no charge ;)