Faux Deco

Why can't they just get along? There is a constant battle of wills, wits and twits between my council (Town of - soon to be city - Vincent) and the neighbouring City of Stirling. The battleground is the Beaufort and Walcott st intersection. Speed limits, footpath designs and now street lights and pylons. One side of Walcott has a certain design whilst the other side has another. Now I see that the Mount Lawley end of Beaufort st has contracted a massive dose of ugly in the form of faux deco disease.....

faux deco

faux deco 1

Not that the Highgate end of Beaufort St is all that better, these lights rose from the underworld a few years back. These are kind of a Federation style, hence they're painted Federation green, goes well with the blue and white deco across the street don't you think? "Blue and green should never be seen except with something in between". White you really have your work cut out for you, good luck.

Beaufort St

I guess what I and I'm sure many other locals are asking/hoping for, would simply be that the two councils formed a Beaufort/Walcott precinct committee, that could decide on one set of ugly for all. The clash is almost too much for any one person to handle.

I think this lil dude captures the mood perfectly....

not happy


Gregoryno6 said…
Back around 15 years ago I was living in a house on Thomas Street, between Hay and Kings Park Rd. One side was City Of Perth, the other was City Of Nedlands (I think).
Thomas St was resurfaced along that stretch at one point, but only on the COP side. It was months, and I do mean MONTHS, before CON brought their side up the couple of inches needed to level the road again.
Dropstitch said…
I really don't get why the council decide to install white 'art deco' bins around Beaufort Street... they're going to be covered in tags in no time.
stu said…
Councils move in mysterious ways